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Tired of watching your small eyebrow hairs slip through the grip of your tweezers? Our slanted brow tweezers are made from high-quality stainless steel and are perfectly calibrated for the perfect pluck. Grip even the tiniest of hairs every time!

Angled for Precision

Whether you’re an everyday enthusiast, an eyebrow pro, or someone just getting started, professional tweezers are a necessity. With these brow tools, you can shape your brows so they always look polished.

Our brow tweezers help you tweeze your brows with precision and ease. If you need to grab a couple of hairs at one time or one pesky hair that sits outside of your brow line, you’ll be able to achieve a perfectly groomed look.

Easier to Handle

We made sure these professional tweezers are easy for you to handle and won’t cause you any problems, even if you have to spend some serious time on your eyebrows. The point comes fully together to make it easier to squeeze them. The angle is based on a standard grip, but it’s easy to reach hairs in tricky spots. Our brow tweezers are also covered in soft-touch material, so they’re easy to hold onto!

Once your brows are in line, finish the look with some light eyebrow cosmetics to enhance your natural features.


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