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Cool and soothe dry, damaged or inflamed skin with 20 calming herbal extracts, anti-inflammatory Chamomile, and soothing Niacinamide. This cooling, the creamy mask provides important anti-inflammatory agents for irritated or inflamed skin. Designed for all skin types but especially potent for those suffering from Rosacea, redness, sunburn or post-laser / wax inflammation; this enriching and the natural formula contains vital B3, B5 and E vitamins along with healing Aloe to reduce redness associated with Rosacea, sunburn, or broken capillaries. Your skin tone will be more even, less irritated, softer and smoother. Use as often as needed to soothe and cool irritated skin.
5 oz / 140 gm

Soothing Masque

100% Natural


  • Cooling cream based masque, soothes irritated, inflamed or Rosacea affected skin 
  • Reduces the appearance of redness 
  • Good for all skin types 
  • 20 soothing and anti-inflammatory herbal extracts 
  • Repairing Allantoin & Collagen 
  • Vitamins B3, B5 & E plus Aloe 
  • Soothing essential oils including Lavender & Chamomile


Soothing Mask

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