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0.14 oz. (6 Month Supply)


A 5-time award winning eyelash conditioning serum that promotes longer and thicker looking lashes within 4-6 weeks.


• Conditions lashes with a proprietary blend of vitamins, peptides and amino acids 

• Delivers more youthful, healthy and dramatic looking eyelashes in as little as 4 weeks

• Scientifically tested and safe for use around the eyes


Our unique soft-tip brush is carefully designed to deliver product effortlessly to the upper lash line.



• After cleansing and drying your face, apply GrandeLASH-MD using a single stroke on your eyelid just above your upper lash line like a liquid eyeliner.

• Use once daily in the evening before bed.

• Allow 1 to 2 minutes for the serum to dry.

• It’s water based, so it is safe to use with contacts and eyelash extensions.


GrandeLASH-MD Eyelash Enhancing Conditioning Treatment

  • Is GrandeLASH-MD safe?
    - Yes! GrandeLASH-MD is ophthalmologist approved and safe for contact lens wearers. We stand by our serum with a 90-day guarantee.

    How can I remember to use GrandeLASH-MD?
    - Pick a place to keep GrandeLASH-MD on your vanity to create a daily habit as part of your daily beauty routine.

    When can I expect to see results?
    - Initial results will be seen in 4-6 weeks, with full results in 3 months.

    How long does a tube of GrandeLASH-MD last?
    - GrandeLASH-MD is sold as a 3-month supply (2mL) or 6 month (4mL) treatment.

    What happens when I stop using GrandeLASH-MD?
    - GrandeLASH is a beauty treatment. Continued use is necessary to maintain results. Once desired results are achieved, you can apply every other day for maintenance.

    Will I experience any sensitivity?
    - While sensitivity is rare, there is always a possibility whenever introducing a new beauty product. Few users may experience mild irritation when first using GrandeLASH-MD, however, most sensitivity is found only with initial us. Often, sensitivities occur with the use of too much product per application. If irritation occurs, we recommend using the product 2-3 times a week for the first week. Then, continue use of the product as directed. If irritation persists, discontinue use of the product.

    Is GrandeLASH-MD Lash Extension Safe?
    - Yes! GrandeLASH-MD is water based and will not affect adhesives used for extensions. Using GrandeLASH-MD in conjunction with extensions may help achieve a longer lasting bond life and can be used to help restore the appearance of damaged lashes.

    Can I use GrandeLASH-MD on my lower lash line?
    - Yes. However, make sure that you apply the product to the skin underneath your lower lash line and not to your waterline. Be sure to use only one dip into the bottle for both eyes.
    Can I use GrandeLASH-MD on my brows?
    - For your brows, use GrandeBROW which is specifically formulated for the brow. Your brows are on a 4 -month growth cycle, while your lashes are on a 3 month cycle.

    Do you test on animals?
    - We absolutely NEVER test on animals.

    When will my product expire?
    - An open tube will last 12 months. If your product is unopened, it will last 2 years.

    What makes GrandeLASH-MD different from GrandeBROW
    - The growth cycle of the eyelashes is different than the eyebrow growth cycle. Your eyelashes have a 3-month cycle versus the 3-month brow cycle. There are also extra ingredients in GrandeBROW as well.

    Can I apply in the morning?
    - If you forget to apply at night, or just prefer to apply in the morning, you can! Make sure you apply prior to using any makeup. Use one dip for both eyes and let it dry before you put on any face makeup.

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