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This Highlighter and Concealer Duo provides an instant highlight to your face while also eliminating any unwanted blemishes.

The Right Color Every Time

Choose from one of the three shades to expertly match the duo to your skin. On one end, you’ll get a blendable highlighter that gives you a dewy glow. Using the other end, you can hide unwanted redness or blemishes. Since our highlighter and concealer shades are made to work with several different skin colors, it is easy to select the perfect shade to complement your skin.

When the product runs low on either side, simply twist to bring more product to the surface. This mechanical pencil does not need sharpening!

Convenience in Makeup

Our duo does double duty! No need to worry about carrying around a clunky kit or several different products. While having a brush to help you blend out your highlighter and concealer can be helpful, you can simply use your fingers to blend the product into the skin.

Flash & Filter: Highlighter & Concealer

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