How to Prepare for a Chemical Peel

Regardless of the type of peel you get, preparation is essential. You’re going to have to take a break from a few products and treatments for a little while. One week before the peel, avoid electrolysis, waxing and other depilatory hair removal products or methods. 


In the days leading up to the peel (for about 48 hours), avoid using abrasive scrubs, exfoliants, facial masks, self-tanners, bleaching, or skin-lightening agents. This includes both prescription and over-the-counter topical skincare products, like Retin-A, adapalene, Tazorac, or benzoyl peroxide. 

It’s also crucial to consistently use a broad-spectrum sunscreen, such as the Skin Script  SPF 30 Moisturizer, Brush on Block Mineral  SPF 30,  Hyaluronic Acid, and avoid unprotected sun exposure at least four weeks prior to the procedure to help prevent irregular pigmentation in treated areas.